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A combination of professional hotelier and photographer offering 


360º Virtual Tours


Your outlook and revenue is our motive


Niche Specialist in Hotels & Restaurants

Hotelgrapher photography and consultancy and virtual tour

Benefit by a boosted profile with interior and exterior photos that stands out in your website.

Gain attention online and increase conversion rate of confirmed booking.

Drive your sales by showing better 2D and 3D photos of your bedrooms, restaurant, meeting rooms, leisure facility and hall hire.

Adhere to brand guidelines and stay on par with all competitors

Find better operational & management solutions and guidance with my one-on-one professional consultancy.

Choose to showoff your property in 360º virtual tour and stay one step ahead with trends.


My little  CV

as a Hotel Photographer

I am Prakash. I have an extensive portfolio working with leading branded corporate hotels, restaurants and even local pubs. I am a professional hotelier myself and have an in-depth knowledge of hotel and restaurant operations and brand strategies. Having sat on your side of the table, I understand the particular quality requirement and operational constraints that relate to this sector. I do the photography for hospitality with a complete insight unlike a general photographer. 

I have undertaken hotel photoshoots under various phases of its development like:


Photoshoot during construction or site building phase; photos are used for building up the tempo of the new launch.


Grand opening of the hotel or restaurant to mark the ribbon cutting ceremony, all covered by our camera clicks.


Brand abiding,  thorough and technical photoshoot phase covering every element and types of available rooms, food & beverage offer, leisure offer like swimming pool or spa, highlighting interiors and exterior of the property. 

Refurbishment or Renovation

Photoshoot to showoff all the redesigning, effort, money and love that has been put in for a face lift and make up of the property.


Understandably and undeniably a challenging phase to go through. Once re-branded, the photoshoot is as good as and as thorough as the post-opening phase.

About me

& Expectation


Your Outlook is my Motive

What's in it for you?

Personally, I am from hotel & restaurant background and have a thorough technical and
operational knowledge of the industry.

Undertaken photoshoot for almost all leading global brands and have a vast experience (along with knowledge).

Tailor made options with no limits for areas to cover (Kitchen to Bedrooms).

Strict brand abidance.

Guiding you through from start to finish.

Aim to make the whole process smooth and productive.

Can re-size the photos to literally (yes.. literally) any dimensions and formats.

Uploading to your Brand Website,, Expedia, TripAdvisor etc. would be a breeze.

Being flexible with the demands of time- I understand your restaurant timings, bedroom availability (which could be tied- up with check-out timings), timing to shoot the lobby when it is clear of guests etc.

Provide 'Consent Forms' and cover yourself (and us) if we plan to make any people appear in the photos.

With prior arrangement and agreement, I can travel to all your hotels regardless of its location.

Fully insured and qualified in Health & Safety.


Bundle up

Showcase your property

in full 360º Virtual Tour

For Details & Quote,
check our VR website
Virtual 360º Tour

Consultancy service for

Your Revenue is my Motive

Hotel & Restaurant

By choosing me as a professional consultant, you will get a seasoned support in all aspects of B&I. My experience in hotel industry exceeds 20 years and I have worked in almost all aspects of operation. 

I can present your projects in the most efficient way for your analytics, financial processing and real time decision making.

My dynamics for your projects can range from corporate re-branding and re-structure, phased opening of brand new hotels and/or restaurants. Your pre-opening projects can additionally benefit through me; I can liaise closely with directors, designers, builders, asset managers and other stake holders, set standards and SOPs, coach and train your managers.

I am also handy when it comes to general costing, f&b costing, cost control, financial strategy management, stock control and payroll management. You can get the best practical advise and implementation procedures .

My qualification and experience as food safety consultant can aid your business to excel in all aspects of food safety management systems.

Food & beverage is the area where I can play games. Menu engineering is my cup of tea; to elaborate, I can draft menus for brasserie to rosette, bulk buffets to simple set menu, all this in-line with your core expectation. I can cost your F&B menus, price them sensibly for profitability, draft HACCP plan, prepare specification sheets and roll it over by coaching your team too. 

My qualifications include Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Bachelor degree in business administration, Level 4 in Food Safety, Level 3 in Health & Safety at work place and yes, a Diploma in photography!

Key Areas of my

Consultancy Service


Primarily focus on  liner workflow and increased productivity.

Facility planning of operational areas like kitchen, restaurant, housekeeping laundry & linen service. 

Choosing and sourcing commercial equipment, negotiate and source suppliers  and implementing ordering procedures.

F&B Solutions

Complete menu engineering for wet and dry, trend analysis, costing, spec sheets, HACCP plans, advice on allergen & special needs, training on POS systems like MICROS or EPOS,

supplier sourcing, ordering  structure, stock management, cost control and general training.

Sales & Marketing

No-string freelancing solution in S&M for your establishment regardless of size and volume. This includes strategies for MICE, corporate, transient, leisure and F&B sales. 

Your social media will taken care with great deal of attention in campaigns to ensure your brand name is in the air.

Food Safety | H&S

As a qualified food safety consultant along with vast experience in all aspects of health & safety and fire safety, I could steer your business within the limits of legality and compliance. Sit comfortable as I could offer all aspects of safety training to all levels of team within your organisation.


We can professionally support your ambition.

Let us design and maintain your website to mirror your elegance and essence. Let us take the technology in our hands to make you visible online using SEOs, eye catching virtual tours, photographs and videos.


I have worked with

Some Brands

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